Services & Packages

Charlie’s training methods are multi-faceted and he offers many ways to get you in shape. Working with you, he comes up with some distinctively different and individually designed programs.

Using tricks from his training methods as a world champion fighter to more traditional methods, you’ll achieve great results and have fun doing it.


Get your ass kicked by Charlie and learn how to kick back!

  • 20 Sessions – $2,700
  • 40 Sessions – $4,300
  • Single Session – $160


Kickboxing is definitely a specialty and you owe it to yourself to discover what it can do for you. Charlie is a three time world champion in the sport and can show you how it can work as one of the greatest cardio and muscle toning devices around today. Discover how kickboxing can condition you like no other program while providing a competitive format. Learn the different kicks, punches and fun combinations that confuse your opponent while keeping you interested in your workout.


There are times when we just want to punch something, and if that’s the case for you, Charlie can teach you all the great combinations. Boxing is one of the great workouts and provides many with the cardio that they want and need. Learning a little speed bag can give you arms that are the envy of everyone in town.

Weight Lifting and Fitness

A combination of cardio and weight training can be the optimal approach for most, and Charlie can provide both. Both males and females want to build muscle and slim down and Charlie can help you reshape your body in a safe and effective way. Charlie’s unique training method is a real game changer. Trust the guy who is a world class athlete!