Kick-Ass Charlie “The Cream” Cassis

Welcome to My World

Charlie Cassis started kicking ass when he was five years old. You see, at that early age he discovered kickboxing and started training in Brooklyn.  He already knew he wanted to be a fighter. He started Tae Kwon Do when he was six and then at nine years old, he achieved black belt status.  You could say he was a little driven.

New York’s Top Trainer

Now, Charlie will drive you with amazing kick ass training and workouts.  Bringing a life time of competitive training in both kickboxing and boxing, his sessions offer both a personal and sport competitive edge from beginner to professional levels.  Whether your goal is a personal one or at a highly competitive level, his expertise and knowledge of the sport is unparalleled, and there is no one who will give you a better basis for a workout. As a private trainer, he specializes in kickboxing, boxing, weight lifting, self defense and general fitness.  His sessions are unbeatable.  You won’t let yourself down with Charlie’s help.

Undefeated Champion

Charlie’s professional record stands at 17-0 and he remains undefeated.  He won his first title fight at Madison Square Garden and has competed throughout the United States and Korea.  His success continues in training others who want to achieve physical success through fitness, weight loss, and body well-being.  His sessions are demanding as are his celebrity clients from Wall Street to SoHo and beyond.

Charlie remains undefeated because he never gave up.  He never gave up when he missed his kicks.  When he couldn’t find himself, he kept training and kept kicking.  He won’t let you give up either.

Get your ass kicked by Charlie and learn how to kick back!